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    Mens Gift Guide!

    Men are notoriously difficult to buy Christmas presents for. I know from experience how bloody hard it is! At some point along the line they run out of new toys to buy and start claiming they don’t need anything. Oh and they’re just as picky as women so Christmas shopping is always murder for me. I thought I’d write this post as I’m sure most of you can relate and figured we could potentially spark up a bunch of gift ideas! Heres my current list of ideas:   Nightware – This totally depends on the man though, they all have their own night time preferences. Mines however loves a good…

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    Festival Fashion

    Music festivals are now becoming near essential for your summer itinerary. Beyond the great bands and musicians that you have the opportunity to see, it is also an opportunity to get dressed up or make a fashion statement.

  • Winter

    Winter Fashion Must Haves

    When the cold winds blow and the winter weather starts to creep in we all dig out our old winter clothes. More often than not fashion and style are sacrificed for warmth and waterproof gear which, to be honest isn’t a bad thing.