Winter Fashion Must Haves

When the cold winds blow and the winter weather starts to creep in we all dig out our old winter clothes. More often than not fashion and style are sacrificed for warmth and waterproof gear which, to be honest isn’t a bad thing.

Being prepared lets you plan outfits and winter clothing that has a bit more style and panache than dark, boring old winter clothes that we might be used to.

Clothing that serves its function while looking good is a lot easier to get a hold of than it used to be. You can search online for your favourite brands or search stores by style then see what options are available to you from there.

If you want to stay warm and dry while looking good at winter here are some of our top picks.

Bobble Hats

Now more than ever before bobble hats are enjoying being at the forefront of winter fashion. With a variety of styles and colours available with bobbles being as big or small as you want them to be, you can bury your head in a warm, woolly winter wonderhat.

As far as prices go you could be super thrifty and knit your own or pick one up for under £5 or you could spring for a designer hat which could end up costing you hundreds. Hats that will fit any budget or taste are available you just have to find one you like.

Fair Isle Knits

Traditional Scottish Fair Isle knitwear is not only extremely practical but it looks great. With various styles to choose from the traditional patterns are beautiful, bold and unmistakeably wintery.


Staying warm is important but if you get soaked in your warm clothes it won’t be long before you start to feel uncomfortable.

A traditional rain mac will not only keep you dry but will look smart. Rubberised yellow fisherman style rain macs are also proving to be very popular and are great for when the nights draw in to help you remain visible when out and about.


Nobody wants cold toes so you will want to make sure you have a nice thick pair of socks. In recent years, sock design has taken a real step up with people starting to really care how they look. Sock length can also be a big factor during the winter, let’s face it, ankle socks are simply not weather appropriate.

Wellington Boots

Welly boots are a must for dealing with the snow or torrential rain. Brands like Hunter have already made a huge impact on the industry and can be seen at festivals during the summer and on most discerning feet in the winter.

When looking for winter clothing remember to take into account that as well as looking good you should be thinking about the practical side of things too. Comfort, warmth and of course water proof clothing should all be major factors when planning your winter wardrobe so don’t get caught in the cold this year.

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